Short-Term Rental Management

Servicing  The Beaver Valley, Town of Blue Mountains &  The Grey Highlands 

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

Via Haus is a subsidiary of Valley Home Services, an Estate Management company that we have owned and operated for plus 5 years providing cleaning, garden, and lawn maintenance for privately owned estates and many Airbnb's located in the Beaver Valley and beyond both as a subcontractor for vacation rental services and our own clients.

We are regularly called upon by the rental services and Airbnb owners to attend to guest service requests and to remediate unexpected homeowner type problems and emergencies from replacing lightbulbs to septic backups and have witnessed Airbnb owners who struggle to manage their rentals from afar .

It is this experience and the recent changes introduced by The Town of the Blue Mountains and Grey Highlands with respect to rental homes that inspired us to add the ViaHaus division to our ever growing company.

We are the difference between your home being rated as an average Airbnb rental and a 5-star accommodation that translates to both repeat and higher bookings rates.


Our Values and Culture 

We believe that true hospitality is much more than perfectly staged homes, products and efficiencies- it is also about people. We recognize that everyone has individual needs and expectations, We address this by providing each owner and guest with warm and genuine service no matter their needs or requests, delivered with passion and dedication every day, We believe that true success starts from our relationship with clients, guests and our communities. 

Our Principles

Everything we do is guided by principles which are inspired by timeless values.

FAMILY: We treat our clients and guests with the warmth and friendliness of an extended family.

COMMUNITY: We commit ourselves to the ideal of sharing and giving  and showing care and responsibility for the communities and environment which we operate.

RESPECT: We show the respect and courtesy to others that we wish for ourselves.

HUMILITY: We serve ourselves by first serving others. We approach life with a sense of gratitude rather than entitlement.

INTEGRITY: We will uphold the highest level of honesty and fairness in all our relationships.

LEARNING: We dedicate ourselves to constantly evolving our skills, our practices, our standards and our technologies. We move forward by never standing still.

OWNERSHIP: We contribute to and take personal responsibility for the financial success of our clients.

CELEBRATION: We delight in our successes and our individuality.